How can I label a point on a coordinate map with a field from the same document my geopoint belongs to?

I have a geopoint on a coordinate map in Kibana.

I would like to be able to hover over the point on the map and instantly know which device this point refers to. I have a "device" field in the same document that the geopoint belongs to and would like to use that as my label. the field is

"device": 1234

so when I go to the visualization tab in kibana, look at the map, and hover the geopoint object, I want to see "1234" so that I know which one of my devices i am looking at. Make sense? I cant find anything on the web about something like this.

This is not possible at the moment. There is a feature request for this that you can track here.

Also, a new Maps plugin is being developed that should support this capability. Work on that is being tracked here.

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