How can I pass kibana authentication credentials from python application?

I have python application, In which I have iframe kibana dashboard . If I am log in that python app at same time log in iframe kibana dashboard as well. User not again log in kibana dashboard. How can I manage this please help me regarding that . I am new on elasticsearch platform.

Kibana Single Sign-On options are listed on this documentation page:

Thank you @jsanz for this approach.
But I want use log in API for that ,so how can I use that?

If you refer to API keys, they are not intended for web browsers, as stated in this section of the documentation:

API keys are intended for programmatic access to Kibana and Elasticsearch. Do not use API keys to authenticate access via a web browser.

@jsanz I am not use API key . We want kibana dashboard iframe rendered in our python application. To authenticate user we want log in rest API and use cookies to store. After log in python application user should be log in iframed Kibana dashboard as well . I am new on elasticsearch platform so I don't know how to manage this?

The only mechanism for your users to log automatically to Kibana is with Single Sign On options I already shared. Please refer to the documentation.

@jsanz thank you for this approach. I will try Single sign on.

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