How can I resist the Filter

I have created two indices logstash-1,logstash-2 and also two dashboards d-1,d-2 columns present in both index are totally different only one column is common in both.

On D-1 whole visualisations of logstash-1 are created and D-2 contains both logstash-1 and logstash-1
when I apply the filter on one of the column which is present in logstash-1 but not in logstash-2 then I am getting no data found error for a visualisation which belongs to index logstash-2.
Is there any way I can restrict a Filter to be applied on logstash-1?

I think what you want here is to change the courier:ignoreFilterIfFieldNotInIndex setting to true in Advanced Settings.

Is it available for Kibana 4.6.4?

Unfortunately no, looks like it was added in 5.1 -

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