How can I suspend incoming data flow from server?

I unfortunately introduced an error in my pipeline seetings, and now it is generating so much errors and traffic, that I can't even edit the pipeline back. In the console I get

"statusCode": 504,
"error": "Gateway Time-out",
"message": "Client request timeout"

And using curl I get

{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"process_cluster_event_timeout_exception","reason":"failed to process cluster event (put-pipeline-lgw) within 30s"}],"type":"process_cluster_event_timeout_exception","reason":"failed to process cluster event (put-pipeline-lgw) within 30s"},"status":503}

I've tried increasing the master_timeout to 10 minutes for my PUT call, but it didn't go through.

How I can suspend all bulk and ingest traffic as I don't have control over the filebeat clients?

Use a firewall or similar.

Hi @warkolm,

Thanks for the suggestion, I managed the security settings on the Openstack instance and it helped. I seem to force myself too much in thinking in the box.

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