How can I use elasticsearch-hadoop plugin? [hadoop]

*Hello Team,

I am a student and I am learning about elasticsearch now. I find a plugin
called elasticsearch-hadoop in Github site and want to achieve a small demo
program, but I have a trouble. I describe it as follows:*

  1. elasticsearch cluster:
    • one node with five shards
    • start it as service
    $ bin/service/elasticsearch start
    Starting Elasticsearch...
    ElasticSearch is already running.
    • install the head plugin and can see the message as follows

  1. hadoop environment:
    • pseudo mode
    • configuration like this
    $ vim hdfs-site.xml

$ vim mapred-site.xml


$ vim conf/core-site.xml

  1. eclipse environment
    • Create map/reduce project

• add elasticsearch-hadoop plugin

• java code

• error message

• full message which caused issue I think
java.lang.IllegalStateException: [GET] on
failed; server[] returned
[{"error":"SearchPhaseExecutionException[Failed to execute phase [initial],
No indices / shards to search on, requested indices are

In the full message, why there are "&" in query string? I think it caused
500 status return, so the error message occurs. I typed the URL into
browser and returned same status(500).
Which step is wrong? What need I do? I am very troubled about this... *

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