How can I view all AWS metrics namespace in Kibana?

I am using Kibana to query metrics from AWS. When I open Metrics in Kibana, I can only see these 4 metrics. But I have configured many metrics set and namespace in metricbeat. Is there any reason it only shows 4? How can I make all metrics available to view?


I have configured below metrics and I am able to see them in Easticsearch. I am also able to view these metrics via " [Metrics Explorer]" tab but why I can't find them in "Inventory" tab?

        - cloudwatch
        - lambda
        - billing
        - namespace: AWS/DynamoDB
        - namespace: AWS/Lambda
        - namespace: AWS/Events
        - namespace: AWS/AppSync
        - namespace: AWS/ApiGateway
        - namespace: AWS/RDS

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