Can we monitor AWS EC2 instances in Kibana which is installed in my Localsystem?

Hi all,

I am working on Kibana, I have installed it in my local system. I am not getting an option to monitor AWS metrics unlike as in Kibana cloud platform.
how can I monitor the AWs metrics when kibana is in my local system.
Can someone help me with that ?

Thanks in advance

Hi can you please share what kind of AWS metrics are you seeing in Kibana Cloud Platform. Am doubting if its the same kind of set up, then probably check your date settings - if your data falls in that particular time range using the time-picker ? Can you post an example document you expect to match and your mappings and what version you're on?


Hi Rashmi ,
Thanks for your response .I worked on that , before i used Metric beat version 6.2 in which there is no AWS module .Now i installed all ELK stack & metric beat in version 7.1.0 and now its working fine for me
Thank you again.

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Thanks for keeping us posted.