Logstash monitoring with metricbeat

Hi, I have an Elastic Cloud cluster running (7.17.3).
I'm plugging in a local logstash monitoring with metricbeat (7.17.4).
I can see an index .monitoring-logstash-7-mb-2022.06.29 filling in over time.
But I can't find the Logstash monitoring UI in the Stack Monitoring section. What am I missing? Kibana is deployed in the EC stack so I don't have access to its configuration.


Hi Alain,

You should be able to view your monitored logstash instances in the "Stack Monitoring" section (using the kibana paired with the ES that holds the indices).

They'll be under whatever ES cluster logstash is configured to output data to. Or if there's no corresponding monitored ES, it'll show up as "Standalone Cluster" in the Stack Monitoring UI.

Unfortunately it is not the case. I can see the logstash section (with empty data) if I enter the setup mode but not when I exit it.

I finally got it: my monitoring.cluster_uuid was wrong so it was neither in my cluster nor in "Standalone cluster" but lost in the limbo...

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Nice find @Alain_Bod ! If you leave that configuration out logstash will send based on it's configured elasticsearch outputs. But if you have no ES outputs, setting it in the config is the way to go.

It's good to know! Thank you for your support.

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