How can I view logs from another client

(roger vaede) #1

How can I view logs from another client in Kibana 4.
Can I run a search and pull up the logs from a different client?
I have about 5 clients configured.

(Mark O Stewart) #2

Not sure what you are referring to?

Your reference to view logs from another client, do you mean get data from another server? if so look at the logbeats or packet beats section of Set up beats on the other client and point it to Elasticsearch. Then Kibana can present data collected from your additional clients that has been saved in Elasticsearch.

If this is not what you are trying to do please elaborate.


(roger vaede) #3

I wanted to view logs from another server. I have 5 servers that are clients with different logs to view such as catalina.out and mysqld..log.

(Mark O Stewart) #4

I dont think they have the beats shippers available yet for Tomcat and mysql. I am not sure if they have been released yet but i did see that Tomcat and mysql were on the future shippers map for Beats.

If you cannot find a Catalina/Tomcat shipper for Beats

then you will have to use LogStash and there are many Logstash configs for Catalina and MySQL


Similar search for logstash and mysql there are many examples depending on what you want out of MySQL

Hope this helps!

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