How can Kibana be accessed using IAM in AWS?

I am using ELK stack on EC2 INstances. How can Kibana be accessed using IAM in AWS ?

Hi Habbiot,

Unfortunately, we don't support Amazon's offering of the Elastic Stack. Please Contact Amazon for support with this issue.

Hello John, thanks for the feedback, but my mistake, may be I didn’t communicate the doubt rightly.. I did mention ELK stack and not ES service(Elasticstack Service is a Managed Service by AWS). ELK stack is not a managed service and no matter what I do Amazon will not support it.

IAM = Identity Access Management

My Question is does Kibana(I have ELK stack on EC2 instances which means Kibana is also on A EC2)support or integrate with IAM.

Hello Habbiot,

I am sorry. I mislead you with my previous answser. We support Amazon services (so IAM would be Amazon's Identity and Access Management mechanism). For that, you would need to contact Amazon to see if there is some kind of integration. We don't provide an integration with Amazon's services at all.

John, that’s Fair enough, the reason for me go to go with ELK stack on AWS rather than using their ES is to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX and at the same time AWS ES lake few basic features.

Let me reframe my question.. how can I achieve RBAC and AD from a user perspective ? Let’s debate (if fine with you, as the topic is interesting) on two use cases. 1: how can I integrate AD with Kibana irrespective of where Kibana lies ? Second would it be possible to to ask for any such type of use cases ?

It's simple use X-Pack
RBAC - []
Active Directory - []

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Thanks Jack !!

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