How constract graph for showing network statistic?

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I am trying with Grafana, DataSource Elastic with MetricBeat, do a panel that gives me the current network statistic (received and send bytes per second).
May somebody give me a hint or example how to do it?
In MetricBeat I found fields and, but they acumulate trafic and doesn’t show current per second.

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Metricbeat only provides the accumulated values in network module.

Isn't it possible to calculate partial values in Grafana?
E.g if you receive metrics every 30 seconds you could get the average traffic using this formula:

(current( - previous( / 30.0

where current() and previous() shows when the event arrived.

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Where I have to put this script in Grafana?
I tried Metric -> Options -> Script and just put it into Query(Lucene query) - doesn't work.

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It was not a script, only pseudocode. I am sorry, if it was not clear.
I am familiar with Grafana at all. If you have questions in connection with Grafana, I am not sure if it's the right forum for asking.

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Ok) Maybe you know such script in Kibana?

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I see you asked in Kibana forum. I hope your issue can be solved.

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