How correctly install import_dashboards from local file?

Dear all,

How correctly install import_dashboards from local file?

My kibana doesn't show my filebeat index without it.

Quick response will be greatly appreciated.

It's not entirely clear what you're asking, but it may be that you have a dashboard that depends on a Filebeat index pattern, and you want to export everything and re-import it on a fresh instance of Kibana. Note there is a long-standing bug that when you export all your saved objects, index patterns are not included in the export:

So to do this, you would need to first export all your saved objects from Management ("Export Everything" button from the Management -> Saved Objects page). Then in a fresh instance of Kibana, manually re-create the filebeat index pattern, then re-import the saved objects using the "Import" button on Management -> Saved Objects.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for response, Tim!

I just would like to install filebeat import_dashboards and don't know necessary options and its behavoir. :slight_smile:

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