How could I restore snapshot from another elasticsearch server's repository?

I have two different Elasticsearch clusters (for example, the name of the server is test-elk-ver6 and test-elk-ver7) which has run on the different server.

I want to migrate the data from test-elk-ver6 to test-elk-ver7, so I tried to take a snapshot of test-elk-ver6 at test-elk-ver6's local repository, then restore it at the test-elk-ver7.

However, it seems like that there is no way to register test-elk-ver6's repository on the test-elk-ver7. (Or maybe I didn't know how I could)

I have read the Read-only URL repository, but I have no idea how to specify test-elk-ver6's repository to "settings".

PUT /_snapshot/my_read_only_url_repository
  "type": "url",
  "settings": {
    // how could specify the repository? just location of the repository will be enough?
    "url": "http://{test-elk-ver6's ip addr}/????" 

Should I just zip the snapshot from the test-elk-ver6 and move it to the test-elk-ver7 for restoring it? Or is there any way to register the repository from another server?

Just using Nginx for routing the repository's path, then everything solved.

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