Restoring snapshot on a different server

i have one ELK server (stand alone) that runs 7.6.1, i took one snapshot there and see that snapshot with:
'ET /_snapshot/esbackup/_all
"snapshots" : [
"snapshot" : "300620-oqkwq6XXXXX57hdrwkccq",
"version_id" : 7060199,
"version" : "7.6.1",
"indices" : [

i have a new installed server with 7.8.0 also standalone that i want to restore this one snapshot from old server to new server - old server will be deleted some day.
each of them is an Ubuntu OS virtual machine installed in the same physical server and from the same subnet.

what is the best way to do that?

i installed samba on the 7.6.1, shared the esbackup drive with the 7.8.0 server.
and only had to configure repository in the 7.8.0.
was able to restore snapshot immediately.

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