How do I aggregate/rollup/transform an index that will allow me to see # of daily active users?

My eventual goal is to graph number of daily active users in Kibana. However, to get there, I think I need an index that aggregates user activity per day. To give a little context - every user activity is logged as a single record (with a userId value) in an index. An aggregate index would need to group those records per day unique'd by userId. Let me know if I need to clarify anything here!

Host: Elastic Cloud
Elastic Version: 8.7

HI @pocketcolin

If you just want a Graph Kibana Lens should be able to right out of the box
x-axis Date Histogram Min Bucket 1 day,
Y Axis Unique Count user_id
Here is one I just built from the eCommerce Sample Data Set
I put on total count as well just so you could see

If you want to actually persist the data perhaps you should take a look at transforms, which are pretty much tailor-made for what you want to do

Pivot Transform

Oh that's perfect! Thanks, Stephen!

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