How do i create a new page?


My question is how I could create a new page?

Create a new link in the navbar
Create a new page (View, Controller, Route)
Concretely I searched all over the internet but without success.

The idea is mainly to be able to create a new page next to those that exists.

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that's something that is currently only possible with extending kibana with a plugin or hacking its code.

for plugin development you could check out our github page, guide and maybe look at some example plugins (either one of core_plugins or a community made one). But be warned, there is no official documentation on plugin API and its not stable at this point, so keeping plugin up to date with latest version of Kibana could be challenging.

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Can you send me the plugin in question that could help me if you like?

A huge thank you to you :slight_smile:

timelion -- this plugin does add an icon to the nav bar

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