How do I import my customized dashboards and visualizations

Hi Team,

I have created my own Dashboards and Visualizations in Kibana 6.3 and I am unsure how do I import it from curl API in Kibana?

Also my query is since I have automated the elastic search as well as packetbeat, filebeat using kick start will it allow me to import without indices being created?

Hi, currently there isn't an API that can be called with curl to import saved object data, it can only be done through the browser. This functionality is being worked out. You can follow the discussion on this Github issue:

Update: you can also follow this discussion here: The work to do is around building facades around internal functionality so that APIs can be documented and internal implementation is free to change.

Update again: looks like the comment I just linked to links to public documentation on an API endpoint for "_bulk_create," which is what the saved objects import mechanism uses. So that might actually give you what you need!

Thanks for the reply. Let me go through it.


I am new to kibana , right now i my development Visualization in 6.3.2 but stuck in to develop. Visualization page is not open whenever i use schemas , i am following sample at Creating new Kibana visualizations and embedding them into your own plugin | Elastic Blog

similar issue also reported at

but have not got any solution.

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