How do I improve performance/response time of exported Kibana graphs and dashboard

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I have one client facing portal that shows them customer usage, trends and utilization.
I have exported 4-5 Kibana dashboards and graphs on my website/portal. Now these graphs are part of my portal home page that uses widgets comprising iframe which has src set to Kibana graphs/dashboard.

After I added these graphs, it slowed down response time/performance of my homepage. It also makes redundant http calls to Kibana static content per iframe.

I am looking for advice to improve performance and if there is any way to cache all Kibana static content or store them on my website instead of getting it from Kibana all the time.

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Hmm... Is there some way you could combine them into one dashboard so you only have to embed one iframe?

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Thank you for responding.
I have already combined relevant graphs into dashboard. But still there are few graphs which are optional for user and they can add or remove as per their choice.

I configured Kibana to set baseurl as /graph and updated my application routes to act as proxy. That way I am returning few Kibana static content from application itself.

Is there any alternative to embed graphs on page (other than iframes) , I tried using divs and ajax calls but it didn't work.

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