How do I include the date and image without markdown

I need that when I make a filter on the date what is written in the markdown appears with this information, and I would also like to include a logo. follow image

Markdown should allow you to do this: ![image]( Keep in mind that Kibana uses Github-flavored markdown.

Unfortunately, to my knowledge this isn't possible to achieve with the standard markdown visualization. TSVB markdown and Canvas markdown both support handlebars templates, but I still don't think it will give you data on applied filters.

The closest idea I could think of would be reading the timestamp from your data in handlebars, e.g. in Canvas {{rows.[0].time}}, but I don't know if it's possible to get the full range as you can't do any math, e.g. from {{rows.[0].time}} to {{rows.[rows.length - 1].time}} isn't possible.

I could see how it would be helpful to have access to more context about your search inside markdown, though. If this is something you'd like to see supported in Kibana, I'd encourage you to open a feature request so our team can consider it in the future!

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ok i understand thank you

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