How to add parameters to URL in Markdown

I created a dashboard with two TSVB visualization, one control/filter and one markdown.
I defined a URL in Markdown visualization (see 4 in png)
I want to add tree parameters to the URL

  1. first control/filter field (see 1 in png)
  2. second control/filter field (see 2 in png)
  3. the time ragnge (see 3 in png)
    How can I get those parameters and add them to the URL ?

Hi, markdown is just a way of displaying data, it has no way to access variables, which would be needed to do what you want to do.

Ok. I guess that. Thanks.
The question remains. How can I put URL with variables from Kibana to my own Angular application?

I'm not sure what you are trying to do, can you clarify a bit?

The TSVB shows CPU utilization and MEMory utilization for a router I choosed in the filter.
I want to call my application with URL containing the ID of that router together with the time period selected in Kibana. The question is how to I buid such URL from router Id and time period selected as mentioned.

Please advise

Can you please answer ? Thanks

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