How do I make dashes insignificant in a kibana search

I am logging messages that contain a UUID. When I do a search on a UUID, for example, fcaaec62-d9c5-4484-bccd-1c7b0982d1bc, there is a match on any document that contains the strings 4484 or bccd. If I search on fcaaec62 then I get a single document, so I suppose I have a good work around. However, I'd really like to make a search where the dashes are not significant. How do I do that, please?

Many thanks.


If you won't ever have the need to search for substrings in your UUID you should look at setting the field to not_analyzed in the Elasticsearch mapping/index template. That way you can only search for the whole field, useful for unique identifiers.

Alternatively you could just wrap your query in inverted commas.

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or you can use whitespace analyzer or use the match query with double quote.

I'm kinda new to this but running into the same question. My problem is usually I find out that I need to set a field to "not_analyzed" after I've put data in it and started using it. My understanding is that there's no way to change a field after the fact, right? Is there a clever way around that?

That's right, the typical answer will be to update your mapping and re-index unfortunately