How do I process sended data?

I managed to send my data to Elasticsearch via Logstash/Filebeat and the modules Plugin aknowledges that. ("Received data from this module") but how can I actually get from the Elasticsearch start page to the Analytics of my Log files? I want to get a Graph or something.

EDIT: I want to add e.g. switch.log

I then configure filebeat/modules.d/system.yml:
var.paths: [ /var/log/storage.log, /var/log/switch.log ]

2021-11-11T14:18:43.202+0100 INFO [input.harvester] log/harvester.go:309 Harvester started for file. {"input_id": "", "source": "/var/log/switch.log", "state_id": "native::1132729-64768", "finished": false, "os_id": "1132729-64768", "old_source": "/var/log/switch.log", "old_finished": true, "old_os_id": "1132729-64768", "harvester_id": ""}

If you are using modules, most of them come with pre-built dashboards you can use.

And where can I find these Dashboards and can I make them use only one Logfile x?
I clicked through Observability and Analytics but I did not find what I was looking for..

What bothers me is that I have to go to the add-data menu to select a module each time. The data is uploaded and should therefore be visible in another way than "add-data->check module->Received data from this module->Go to (x) Dashboards", right?

You should just be able to load the dashboard from the menu on the left in Kibana?

Oh, yes. But I guess that, if my requested Dashboard is not existing there, I will have to create a filter myself. Right?

I can find the Linux System Dashboard, but thats it. ( My custom Log-Files are still not appearing)

If you are talking about a custom dashboard, then yes, you will need to create that.

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