How do I simply add a Kibana user with Read access to all indices?


Have issue with Kibana Security UI. (ver. 5.5.0)
Want to create a user that basically can do everything but NOT

  • creation/deletion of indices
  • writing data to indicies

Should be able to

  • read all indicies
  • do get commands from shell
  • create/modify visualisations

Didn't seem straight-forward to create a read-only ROLE to indicies in KIbana UI - the user ends up not even being able to open index in Discover panel.
Preparatory work needed in Elastic configuration?

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Adding the built-in kibana_user role to the user will allow them the necessary privileges required to use Kibana.

You will then need to create a role to represent the data they will be consuming in Kibana. For this, you can use a wildcard for the indices ("*"). You will then want to give them at least read access.

Do you have a support contract, or are you a cloud customer? If so, I would highly suggest reaching out for support through those channels as they can provide faster, and guaranteed responses.


Dear Tyler and thx a lot for the quick response!

ok, got it – giving the new user BOTH the kibana_user role and the role that I created myself earlier was the correct procedure.

Regarding support contract status, we're in discussions with Elastic at the moment.
No, we're not using the Cloud service, have our own test installation.
It's a great product you have.


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