How do i take the count of a field and perform further calculations such as division in kibana 4.3.0?

I need to create a chart with the following requirement: I have to take the count of StatusCode as StatusCodeCount and then divide it by 86400,i.e., count(StatusCode)/86400. How do i do this in kibana?

I have attached the screenshot of what i've done, but i couldn't find a way to divide it by 86400.

Unfortunately it isn't possible to do calculations based on counts in Kibana. If you were looking at the sum or average or some other similar operation, you could probably fake it in your data with scripted fields, but counts are absolute. At least until there is support for pipeline aggs in Kibana.

You may be able to do what you need using Timelion though. The catch there is that Timelion doesn't yet support terms aggs...

Hi K,

Did you find a solution? I have a similar problem of summing occurrences of text fields and then dividing them to find a rate...

Many thanks.