How do you install Marvel in windows?

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How do you install Marvel in windows? Does it come before installing Elastic search or after? Also, I have tried installing Elasticsearch1.6.0, then I receive an article that says you have to install version 2.1.0. While I was installing ElasticSearch, it suddenly stayed on the get node position for a long time, and I was forced to close the window. What could be wrong there? Should I install the new version instead?

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I have 1.6.0 but now I am going to install version 2.1.0. I have just edited the question.

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I have downloaded and am installing it. Why is it posing so long when it gets here:

[2015-12-13 18:37:53,540][INFO ][node ] [Eson the Searcher] started

I can see the cursor blink but nothing

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Please reply

(David Pilato) #6

It looks good. Why do you think something is not working?

BTW you should really be patient on a public forum.

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Has it been installed?

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It has been there for 20minutes

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May be. Can't tell without details, logs...

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OK, let me send the details.

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Here is the link to the details. I did not want to send you information that was not organized.

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The plugin is not installed

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Then what is it doing all this time for 40minutes? I even tried the 1.6.0 for the first time, and it behaved in the same way!

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I have followed all the procedures you gave me for windows, but upto now nothing!

(David Pilato) #15

I think your cluster is started and listening on port 9200 waiting for you to send requests.

It's really unclear. I don't know what you did, what you really want to do.

Well, if you don't explain yourself, I'm unsure we can help you.

Installing elasticsearch 2.1 and marvel works very fine on my laptop. This is the only thing I can tell for now.
So probably you are doing something wrong.

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OK, I have installed Elasticsearch from a video I found online.

How do you install kibana plugin --install from the link below?

Here is my path:

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You have to install Kibana.

Then install the plugin in Kibana with bin/kibana plugin ...

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How can I undo this mistake?

(David Pilato) #19

Undo what ?

(Kelvin Nyota) #20

This step is not clear. When I try to use it, it doesn't work.

Step 2: Install Marvel into Kibana

bin/kibana plugin --install elasticsearch/marvel/latest

I have used this link here:

kibana plugin --install elasticsearch/marvel/latest

This is the error am getting:

C:\elasticsearch-2.1.0\bin>kibana plugin --install elasticsearch/marvel/latest
'kibana' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Also, from this link:

it says:

Extract your archive

Open config/kibana.yml in an editor

Set the elasticsearch.url to point at your Elasticsearch instance

What does this mean? Elasticsearch instance