Http://serverIP:9200/_plugin/marvel/ is showing blank page instead of dashboard

I have installed marvel 2.0 plugin for elasticsearch 2.0 on my windows 7 machine. My Java version is "1.8.0_51". However cluster is running fine. Please help

Try having a look in your browser developer tools console to see if there are errors.

Looks like marvel 2.0 is different you need to install into kibana and then go to the url


See for details.

Correct, that is mentioned in the install docs too

Also noticed directory layout link has too many w's in it on that page


You provided a marvel page link. On that page there is a section that reads the following.

If you use the DEB/RPM packages to install Elasticsearch, by default Elasticsearch is installed in /usr/share/elasticsearch and the configuration files are stored in /etc/elasticsearch. (For the complete list of default paths, see Directory Layout in the Elasticsearch Reference.)

Directory layout is a link and it's broken. Just wanted to point that out.

Ah ok, we'll get that fixed.

Thank you very much Paul this solves my problem