How does elastic react with x-pack crack

I'm researching on ESTC stock and wondering how does elastic react with x-pack crack? If SMB modifies Elastic code and builds it on-premise, it seems ESTC will lost much revenue

IMHO for ages people have been cracking softwares for a long time and made their activity illegal. The code is open here and available on Github so it's probably much more easy to crack than having to decompile the code.

It's still illegal and I don't believe that people who are running serious and viable business would take such a risk of cracking a software, and not benefit from any support from Elastic, which is where a lot of value is added IMO as we have an amazing support team.

IMO this is not "much revenue".

Also, this is obviously not possible on where a lot of users are now running Elastic Stack...

My 2 cents.

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