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I am just hoping for some clarification: will X-Pack security be free now? Or just open source and we still need to pay for a license?

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To answer the questions directly...

X-Pack security is still a paid for feature. The code will be open on GitHub and you can obtain a 30-day trial license to ensure it works for you via an opt-in capability...

This page on the website might help a bit with clarification...


For quick reference, I'm going to copy a bit of relevant content from the FAQ on the bottom of the page...

As of 6.3, the X-Pack code will be opened under an Elastic EULA. However, it will not be ‘Open Source’ as it will not be covered by an OSI approved license. The interaction model for open X-Pack will be identical to the open source Elastic Stack, including the ability to inspect code, create issues and open pull requests via our existing GitHub repositories. The specific language for the license is still being finalized and will be added to the repositories in the near future.

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How about x-pack Graph?

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Same as it was before. It requires a platinum license.

In case of doubt, this is the page to look at: https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions

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Is there any plans to relicence the free X-Pack features under Apache 2.0 licence?

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No. I don't believe it will happen.

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