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I read the XPack announcement yesterday, but I'm still confused. Can someone elaborate on what parts of XPack are free for a production environment?

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The same as it was before the announcement. See https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions

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Thanks. So, I guess my next question is the difference between open-source and basic subscriptions.

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You won't have to ask anymore for a basic license as it will be available OOTB as part of the default distribution.
The main difference is that you can now see the code (not a black box anymore), you can contribute to the code, ...

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So X-pack is a premium service if I understand everything right?
Not Open Source and "free" to use on production in an Open Source cluster?

Regards Falk

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See the subscriptions page above. The things in the Basic column were free before, and still will be free.

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Ah, tnx.

And I found your Q/A page that answered the questions too.

Q: If the code of X-Pack is open, does that mean it's all free?
A: No. Many features in X-Pack are free, such as monitoring, tile maps, Grok Debugger, and Search Profiler. Some features in X-Pack are paid, and require a license that comes with a Gold or Platinum subscription.

Q: Is X-Pack now Open Source?
A: Open Source licensing maintains a strict definition from the Open Source Initiative (OSI).
As of 6.3, the X-Pack code will be opened under an Elastic EULA. However, it will not be ‘Open Source’ as it will not be covered by an OSI approved license. The interaction model for open X-Pack will be identical to the open source Elastic Stack, including the ability to inspect code, create issues and open pull requests via our existing GitHub repositories. The specific language for the license is still being finalized and will be added to the repositories in the near future.

Regards Falk

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