X-PACK open source features

Dear Team,
Can you provide the clarity on what all the features enabled for xpack open source.
Shall we use 6.4ES(including xpack) for commercial use.

We have a list of features that are available in each tier at https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions. The things that fall under "Open Source" are all Apache 2 licensed. The things that fall under "Basic" are free and under the Elastic license. Gold, and Platinum licenses require paid subscriptions.

As to which license/feature set you should choose, that's largely up to you and your needs and any restrictions you/your lawyers need you to consider. I think it'd be misleading of someone here to recommend 1 specific license or tier without knowing what your specific situation is. If you have any questions about whether you're allowed to run the Elastic licensed code, we've tried to make it as easy as we can to understand in the license, but as with all software licenses, there's legal writing and that may result in someone wanting legal advice. If you have any specific questions, we've put an e-mail address in the license text that you can reach out to:

If You have any question as to whether a specific SaaS Offering constitutes a Prohibited SaaS Offering, or are interested in obtaining Elastic's permission to engage in commercial or non-commercial distribution of the Elastic Software, please contact elastic_license@elastic.co.

We're happy to engage in these conversations.

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