Elastic Search 6.3.0 feature x-pack clarification

Elastic Search 6.3 on wards x-pack is open source telling some blog and other blog still its paid version.

Can you please give me more clarity on elastic search 6.3 release with x-pack.If its free than what are the feature are available and what are the feature not available.Can I use X-pack in production?

It did not change from what you had in the previous versions. The "only" things that changed are:

  • the code is not private anymore and you can read it or contribute to it
  • by default, elasticsearch is bundled with a basic license so you don't have to register anymore on elastic website to get one

More details here: https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions

And here https://www.elastic.co/products/x-pack/open

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Thanks for the quick response!

Just one more clarification.

Security features on XPACK come with a paid subscription before ES 6.3. Will Security features of XPACK continue to be a paid subscription with the default distribution of 6.3 ? Is this feature included in the "free features" of XPACK in 6.3 in the default distribution ?

If you follow the first link @dadoonet provided, you will see that "Security" is available on Gold license or above (which are paid subscriptions).

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