How does everyone feel about Amazon's prerolled ES service and how they have forked Elasticsearch?

First, I wanted to get other's opinions on Amazon's Elasticsearch service. While they do provide some nice features like nightly snapshots, etc. -- I'm discovering each day more annoying issues with their service.

There are a lot of features you don't have access to -- things as simple as raising the bucket limit for aggregations. The instances themselves cost around 35% more than the baseline price for whatever instance type you choose.

However, what really upset me was their recent decision to fork Elasticsearch and start offering their own codebase. I feel like this will ultimately hurt the open source community and diminish the great accomplishments of the ES team (who are amazing).

I'm on the verge of migrating one of our ES clusters off Amazon entirely due to their recent decisions and the dozens of aggrevating issues involving fine-tuning cluster settings that they have disabled.

What's your take on this? Do you currently use Amazon's ES service? Are you satisified with it?

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Thank you Grumo -- I'm sure we will see a lot more of this happening because of their short-sighted vision.

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