How does percolation Notification work?

I would like to know how others go about percolation notification. I have
couple of questions that I am not clear on.

My setup:

  • I have a webApp that talks to Index server to do searches.
  • Index through TransportClient/Java/BulkProcessor

Simple Use case: Users register for interests in webapp say "security" and
I want the users to receive alerts when new matching docs come in.
Example: I register "securityPercolator" with a REST call. The
transportClient would index new Documents and match against
"securityPercolator", it also find 10 matches against the percolator.

My Questions:
1- What is the best way to notify the webapp that there are 10 matches for
"securityPercolator" from within transportClient? Should I be doing it a
different way?
2- In the web app, if I register "securityPercolator" for users with
searching for "security, should I be storing the percolator name also?
Because how does it know that "securityPercolator" means "security"?
3- Is it a problem registering many percolators if I had 2000 users for


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