How does rollup work?

How does Rollup job and rollup index work? what is the use of rolling up the data?

I am not very clear of why we are rolling up an index to another one.

And my Rollup job is working fine and data is getting indexed but Last 24 hrs data is not getting indexed. I can see data only on Last 90 days time filter. why is this happening? Data indexing is also stopped though the job is still in started state.


This blog should answer some of your questions - How to Create, Manage, and Visualize Elasticsearch Rollup Data in Kibana | Elastic Blog

This is our docs link - Rollup Jobs | Kibana Guide [7.12] | Elastic

Now about not seeing data for the last 24 hrs - what is the time period interval you have defined in your roll up job?


Thanks for your reply!
Please find below the screenshot of the configuration of rollup job: -

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