How elastic search support encryption of data at Rest

How does ES support encryption of data at Rest? I read in many prior discussions that it can be achieved by OS level encryption like dm-crypt which is supported in Elastic Search platinum subscription.
But still data will not be secure on a running VM as VM itself is responsible for decryption... Is OS level encryption is best solution here or do we have any other option for this?

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OS level encryption is the only supported option at this point.
There are/were 3rd party solutions for encrypting data in indices that I saw some time ago, I can't comment on how well they work.

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Thank you Mark :smiley: . Whether OS level encryption will not work in basic version? Or Is it like OS level Encryption will work in basic version as encryption/decryption is the responsibility of OS in this case, but we will not get any support from ES team in case of any issue? In order to get support from ES team we have to go with platinum subscription.

It should work. There's just a specific config/approach that we have tested and directly support for our customers.

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