How I can add 3d graph visualization in kibana(version is 5.6.2))

Hi i want to display 3d charts in kibana..i found some link in elastic search - (cd KIBANA_HOME/plugins
git clone 3D_kibana_charts_vis
cd 3D_kibana_charts_vis) i done all these steps but it was hopeless.. can anyone suggest me to get 3d charts.. plz suggest

Hi @venkat545,

What happens when you try and follow those steps? Is there an error?


After successfully installation of 3d charts When i click on discover option in kibana its not displaying data.
I would like to implement this. Can you point me in the right direction?

Hi @venkat545,

Two things to check:

  1. Check the time picker to ensure it includes any time-based data you might be using.

  2. Check the network tab and see if any requests are returning a non 2xx response?

Hi..I got warning message like "it expected Kibana version "5.0.0", and found "5.6.2"") so i changed 5.0.0 to 5.6.2 in package.json in my kibana still there is no use at all i cannot find 3d charts in visualization..can you suggest me where i did wrong..thankz in advance

What version of ES and Kibana are you using?

I am using 5.6.2 Version..

This confuses me. I'd assume this error would happen if you're running ES 5.0. Can you verify it's all 5.6.2? Assuming so, you might try posting an issue on the github repo for the plugin (Issues · virusu/3D_kibana_charts_vis · GitHub) and see if they can help.

i have 5.6.2 version i tried to install 3dcharts by installing (cd KIBANA_HOME/plugins
git clone installation i am facing the issue 3dcharts are not visible in my visualization..hope i am clear now??my question is 5.6.2 version does support 3d_charts or not..thankz

I tried installing the plugin on 5.6.2 and there are multiple errors with the plugin itself. Since we do not maintain that plugin, I can't offer much help in terms of getting it to actually work. Your best bet is to either:

  • Log an issue on the plugin's GitHub repo and hopefully the maintainer will address the issue
  • Look into the plugins's source code, find and fix the issues, then create a PR back to the repo

Good luck!

thank u..:slightly_smiling_face:

hi..i need u r help..m very new to elastic search.i am completely generating the reports based on my database now i need to add extra text filed which is not available in my this report employee is absent on some date i need to display 'absent" on that day..plz help me out how can i add text filed by using scripts r painless..thankz in advance![send|690x259]

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