How I can add 3d graph or charts visualization in kibana on windows machine

Hello Everyone,

I need some help for visualization in kibana.

i want to install kibana 3D visualization plugin in kibana version 5.6.4 and 6.1.1 in windows machine i saw one link:

But in this no any windows installation steps are provide if someone have any steps
to install or documentation that how to install 3D visualization in kibana windows machine kindly share with me.

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You can install them in Windows, by using the same steps the developers have in their readme, running them in Git Bash:

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Thank You @Marius_Dragomir for your support.

I am asking only one question that if i download this
then install in my windows machine and run this Git-exe. after i'll use those command that are mention in known plugin then it will work right ? if i am not wrong ?

When i am trying to install this plugin after complete installation it's give this error in kibana starting screen.

Please help me to resolve this problem.

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