How to install kibana plugins for windows 8. I am using Kibana 6 version

I tried looking around. But I couldn't find steps to install the plugins. at the moment I don't have Tilemap visualization.

I looked at the following link and couldn't find commands for windows.

thank you

If you are using Powershell try the following command:
Invoke-Expression –command “D:\ ELK\Kabana\bin\kibana-plugin install package name

but you'll need to change the italic marked items to match your directory path.


Also Tilemap is called co-ordinate map in the visualizations. and it ships with base Kibana OSS package as part of visualize.

Let me know if that doesn't help?


Thank You for the reply. I realized that.

But how to install any plugin in windows 8? I am using ELK 6.0 version. I tried the following command at command prompt window. It throws an error saying "plugin" is unknown command.

          C:\ELK\kibana-6.2.2-windows-x86_64\bin\kibana.bat plugin -i sense -u file://"C:\Downloads\ELK 


Tag cloud is a type of visualization in Kibana. What does the tagcloud-master plugin do?

These are plugin documents:
which has all the details. May be check it out and see if that solves your problem?


I looked it already. It doesn't give command to install on windows. It has command to install on Linux.

Does this work?

/c/windowsInstalls/5.6.9/kibana/bin/kibana-plugin.bat install file:///C:/vagrant/qa/

It says "unknow command" install

Can you copy and paste here the exact command you're running and the output?

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