Installation of elasticsearch kibana and logstash in windows 10

Windows command for elasticsearch :
C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\ELK\elasticsearch-6.2.2\bin>elasticsearch-plugin.bat install file:///C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\ELK\

Windows command for kibana:
C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\ELK\kibana-6.2.2\kibana-6.2.2-windows-x86_64\bin>kibana-plugin.bat install file:///C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\ELK\

Windows command for logstash:
C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\ELK\logstash-6.2.2\bin>logstash-plugin.bat install file://C:/Users/ABC/Desktop/ELK/

*Note: Keep in mind for logstash file path is different

Is this supposed to be a question?

No. It is a solution that i faced while I am installing the X-pack plugin in the ELK stack. So i found that x-path file url is different for the logstash, for elasticsearch and kibana it is same.

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