How Kibana connects to ElasticSearch and Fetch data to Kibana?

I need to understand how Kibana connects to ElasticSearch and Fetch data to Kibana by code wise. I did a simple POC which connects with Elasticsearch uses search API and fetches the data by using simple match query in my node.js file. As a bigger picture i need to know how Kibana doing it from the Search Bar when we enter data to search. What is best way to proceed forward to this challenge?

Kibana uses the @elastic/elasticsearch Node.js module to connect to Elasticsearch. This module is not specific to Kibana and can be used by other Node.js applications.

Thanks for your reply. I understood from you Kibana connecting to Elasticsearch using Node.js module. But I need to understand from the code part how Search in QueryBar is converted to ElasticDSLQuery and how that Query interacts with ElasticSearch APIs.

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