How kibana monitoring logstash 5.1.2 elasticsearch

how kibana monitoring logstash ,i install kibana and logstash in one machine
the kibana can find the elasticsearch server can't find the logstash node ?
how can slove it

It cannot in 5.1 unless you pull in the API information yourself.

the kibana can't monitoring logstash 5.1.2 ? how set kibana and logstash for kibana can see the logstash in web pages .

In Elastic Stack 5.2 there is an X-Pack plugin for Logstash that collects statistics and feeds this to Elasticsearch so that Logstash can be monitored through the Kibana monitoring UI. This is not available in 5.1.2, so you will need to upgrade to access this functionality.

only update x-pack to 5.2 or all of ELK need update to 5.2? @Christian_Dahlqvist

All components (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and X-Pack) need to be 5.2.

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