How kibana ui modules work?


Hi, I read some kibana 4.3 source code. I think 'discover' controller is in 'apps/discover' module, how 'ui/routes' find it? which seems in 'kibana' module. thanks!

var app = require('ui/modules').get('apps/discover', [

  .when('/discover/:id?', {
    template: require('plugins/kibana/discover/index.html'),

app.controller('discover', function ($scope, config, courier, $route, $window, Notifier,
AppState, timefilter, Promise, Private, kbnUrl, highlightTags) {

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Hi @zhengjie,

I am not sure I understand your question correctly. If you are looking to get into writing your own Kibana plugin, I would recommend to take a look at this introductory talk.


Think you, but I know how to write simple Kibana plugin.
I thought for a day, and I find it now.:sweat:

turned out that it's about Angular :joy: , application level module 'kibana' depends on the 'apps/discover' modules, so it can be found.

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