How kibana user just see his own indices names?

Kibana version:5.5

Now,i can see all indices in webpage,although just index chen belongs to me and i just can see the logs
in index chen. How do not display other indices names?
i have set the role and user like this:

curl -XPOST -u elastic:changeme 'http:///_xpack/security/role/chenctest?pretty' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '
"indices": [
"names": [ "chen" ],
"privileges": [ "all" ]


sorry for the late reply.
Currently there is unfortunately no possibility to only see the index patterns, that your uses got priviledges on, since basically every user will see the configured index patterns. We are working on solutions to make this experience more user-friendly, and hopefully can provide a better solution in upcoming versions.


thank u

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