How the shield installed and configrated the kibana

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Dear team
here is my software version as fallows:
the ES version of cluster is 1.7.1 (the three node)
the kibana version is kibana-4.1.11
the shield version is 1.3.2

I install the shield on es clusters as fallows step:
bin/plugin install elasticsearch/license/latest
bin/plugin install elasticsearch/shield/latest
b. bin/elasticsearch
c. bin/shield/esusers useradd es_admin -r admin
d. curl -u es_admin -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/'
i install the shield on the another es node as bellow. by the way, I install it by these url:

But I did't find the shield install to the kibana. someone Can help me?

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The Shield plugin for Kibana was not introduced until Shield 2.2/Kibana 4.4, so for your version there is only an Elasticsearch plugin to install.

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Thanks for your quick reponse Christian_Dahlqvist. if there didn't has the shield intalled on kibana,My question is How the kibana integrated with shield and realize the user-role controlling?

this is i found shield with kibana, I just confirm that need which steps to do it.


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The links you pointed to outlines which privileges a kibana role need to have and how to set it up. You can then control which data a user is allowed to access through Shield configuration. Kibana just passes through the user credentials entered in the browser and the roles that user is associated with will determine what data he can access.

I would however recommend that you consider upgrading as there are a lot of improvements with respect to Shield configuration and Kibana integration.

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Thanks for your kindly response.

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