Suggestion on implementing kibana with shield for authentication

Hi All,

I have a small doubt on implementing kibana with shield.I am using es version 1.5.2,kibana 4.x .so i am plannning to integrate kibana with shield for authentication my question is do we need to implement shield first at es cluster then to install in kibana or we can directly operate kibana with shield by defining roles.

please help me in this.

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Hi Phani, you'll need to install the Shield plugin on both Elasticsearch and Kibana. You'll need to install it on ES first, because the Kibana Shield plugin depends on the ES Shield plugin.

In case you find it useful, here is a version compatibility chart for Kibana, ES, and Shield:

hi cjcenizal,

Thank you for quick reply now my doubt got cleared. so i wil implement shield at es level and then to kibana. is shield is free for development purpose or it needs to be purchase to use in dev env.?


Hi Phani, you should be able to use a 30-day license of Shield once you install it. It will be fully featured during this time. After this period elapses, it will degrade into a usable but sub-featured state, until you choose to upgrade. There are some more details here: