How to accommodate minutely and hourly data in the same visualisation?

Current Scenario -

The current dashboard is set to Sum aggregation at minutely level. My dashboard currently works only when interval is set to minutely. If I change the interval the current graph shows incorrect values. This happens due to the fact that there are more than 1 documents generated per minute and the correct value per minute will be the sum of the field values at minutely level . But I'm fine with this. I was fine with interval set to minutely.

Now the hourly documents is designed to ingest data after doing all the math. There is an elastic watcher that does the job. So there is 1 doc per hour. This is the reason the visualisation is not able to accommodate both types of data. If I had a scenario like 1 document per minute and then 1 document per hour , then I could have gone with using average metrics or perhaps max metrics but at present the problem is I have to do sum of the doc values for a minute (mandatory), therefore, whatever internal logic applies for minutely data gets also applied to hourly too.

Is there a way where I can show both types of data in the same graph?

I'm not totally sure I follow. Could you provide a screenshot of what things look like right now and maybe a sketch showing what you'd like to accomplish?

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