Multi Level Aggregation


I've evaluating Elasticsearch/Kibana for our specifics. I've a requirement where we are putting hourly reports data in elasticsearch and want to visualize say daily averages for last week. It requires multi level aggregation where we first need to aggregate (sum) hourly data into daily buckets and then take the average over last week data.

I could not find a way to do it through Kibana. It seems to be supporting only one level of aggregation. Would appreciate any help.


I think you just need one level of aggregation and then set your interval to daily and your time span to whatever time span (like 1 or 2 weeks)?

  1. I started with an Area Chart (but you could probably use Vertical Bar or Line charts
  2. I set my X-Axis Aggregation to "Date Histogram"
  3. I set my Field to @timestamp
  4. I set my Interval to Daily
  5. I set my Y-Axis Aggregation to Average
  6. I set my Y-Axis Field to bytes

This gives me daily averages for whatever period of time I set my time picker to (like 1 week). Is this what you're looking for?