How to add a calculated field on the filtered data and use the same in a visualization


I am trying to analyze some video play data. I have 4 primary columns :
#1 Video Id
#2 User Id
#3 Video Watched (video watched in seconds)
#4 Video Length (video length in seconds)

I am trying to create a vertical graph with x axis as completion rate bins (Ex : 0-10% completion, 11-20% completion etc.) for which I will have to create a new field 'video watched' divided by 'video length' and,

y axis as the count of videos.



You can achieve this in a line chart, by creating a scripted field that does the division "video_watched"/"video_length" and then using that as a histogram with 0.1 intervals (which would equate to 10% intervals if using percentages in the field formatter)

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