How to add geo_point type data to elasticsearch?

Hi, I'm a newbie for ELK.
I want to add some custom geo search functions to my program. How do I filter custom lat and lng (now i have %{lat} and %{lng}) into elasticsearch geo_type formated data so that I can visualize in Kibana4 tile map?

It needs to be a single field for ES to be able to read it.

It seems kibana 4 tile map views only show ES "geo_point" type points. The float array which works with Bettermap now is not working with kibana4 tile map. So how do i add a geo_point type field from logstash?

Take a look at Set geo location from coodinates

It is cycled out.
Is it possible to get geo_point data in Elasticsearch using logstash creting new index?

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