How to add new documents to an existing index

What is the best way to add about 10,000 documents to an existing index each day. Or how can I merge to indexes?

I am using the .net c# Nest client.

Is this time based information?


You can use bulk call.

As @warkolm said it's important to know if your data are time based so you can index in different index with date prefix.
10K by day, 300K/month you'll not reach the limit for one shard soon.
You also need to check about the size of your document for your number of shards. It's not in your question but just in case.

Yes, it is time based.

Yes, the solution works. Thank you.

Then you should use ILM with a time based rollover, or use time based indices.

Adding new document continually into a single index will get you into problems later on.

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